We’re a team of eleven individuals who have come together due to similar interests in the crypto sphere and in poker. We’ve been building out our project so that it will stand the test of time. Similar to CKB, we’re structuring our development to be future proof, and to not only sustain value, but to increase value and longevity as we continue to build and expand. We plan on bringing the first cross-chain poker DApp to the crypto space, powered by the Nervos Network.
The Collection






in CKB

Mint Date


18th Jun 2022 (UTC)

* whitelist addresses will frontrun those who are not whitelisted



This is our fluid roadmap. We plan on being transparent with the community in adding, building, and adjusting any additional ideas or developments moving forward.

Phase 1

- Finish the Poker Pepes art and traits. ✔️
- Build a rarity chart for each layer and corresponding trait. ✔️
- Partnerships with the top projects on Nervos to bring more utility and value to the ecosystem. ✔️
- Launch Poker Pepes on Kollect V2. (10,000 supply)
- Build a rarity ranking sheet of all the holders and the rank of how rare their Poker Pepes are amongst the other holders.

Phase 2

- Finish V1 of our cross-chain poker DApp
- Integrate Unipass and .bit (previously known as DAS) into our DApp.
- Integrate staking to allow holders to get passive rewards via the transaction pool. (minimum of 5 Poker Pepes are required to stake)
- Add achievements, hand progress, winnings, etc. to poker profiles.
- Build out daily, monthly, and weekly leaderboards with progressive pots.

Phase 3

- Integrate the Force Bridge into our DApp.
- Integrate a reward and referral system.
- Add selective rewards for stakers. (choose which crypto you earn from our transaction pool: BTC, ETH, CKB, ADA, etc.)
- Create partnerships outside of the Nervos ecosystem with other similar projects and companies that would be strategically beneficial for our holders, and for the Nervos Network.
- Start strategic and heavy marketing campaigns outside of Nervos to expand our reach and onboard new players from other chains and platforms. (partnerships with professional poker players, influencers, etc.)

Long Term Vision

- Create our own token which would be universally used as we expand.
- Build our own cross-swap DEX which would integrate directly into our cross-chain poker DApp.
- Integrate provably fair BlackJack, Slots, Roulette, Lottery, etc.
- Develop our own cross-chain casino to act as the universal hub for online gambling.
- Develop new games that are exclusive only to our cross-chain casino.
- Stakers will earn passive rewards from every expansion we build out. (DEX swap fees, casino commissions, poker transaction pool, etc.)
- TBD…

Our mint is coming very soon
Mint Soon

There are 10,000 total uniquely generated Poker Pepes.

Nervos Network: L1

If your address is whitelisted, you’ll frontrun every address that isn’t whitelisted. Meaning you’ll be prioritized to mint your desired amount of Poker Pepes before the non-whitelisted addresses.

We’ll be issuing direct refunds to those who attempt to mint after we sell out, and will proceed to remove the ability to mint soon after.

Your Poker Pepes will be minted and airdropped to your Kollect address provided. Your Pepes should be revealed same day after minting, possibly even within a few hours, depending on Kollect.

There will be a 3% micro-fee on our poker DApp for players who don’t hold a Poker Pepe. Distribution:
- 2% of our microtransaction pool goes to all holders who stake a minimum of 5 Poker Pepes.
- 0.75% goes to ongoing developments + marketing costs.
- 0.25% goes to progressive pots.

Directly on Kollect V2. Integration with other secondary markets will come as new marketplaces emerge in the Nervos ecosystem.

Yes, it will be set at 10%. This ensures that golden ticket holder tournaments will always be ongoing. It also ensures that our team members, mods, etc. can continue to work and expand.

After the mint is finished, we will be airdropping everyone's Pepes to their Kollect accounts, then after that is finished, we will start the weekly private poker games for those who minted a Poker Pepe holding a golden ticket, and start expediting the development of our cross-chain poker DApp. Once our DApp goes live, we’ll continue expanding, marketing, and building out new utilities for our holders, and for the Nervos Network.


Co-Founder of Poker Pepes

Co-Founder of Poker Pepes

Creative Talent for Poker Pepes

DApp Development / Programming

UX Development / Front End

Head of Marketing / Strategist

Moderator / Community Manager

Moderator / Community Manager

Moderator / Community Manager

Moderator / Community Manager

Moderator / Community Manager